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Learn about the fat-burning strategies that will skyrocket your metabolism, support muscle growth, and help shed the excess pounds without spending hours upon hours at the gym or giving up the foods you enjoy!    

Imagine Achieving Double-Digit FatLoss, Turning Heads,
and Shocking Your Friends in Just 42 Short Days...

All of that can become a reality, my friend!

The SPE6 transformation challenge is back and it's back with a vengeance!

Lawrence we're looking for dedicated individuals looking to smash their body goals, supercharge their fitness, torch more calories, and learn the techniques, and strategies that we use to achieve long-lasting fatloss made simple.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, then this challenge is for you! 

The SPE6 system is so simple and effective that it will feel like you're cheating!

Let us take all the guesswork out of the fat-loss equation. 

There will be daily training sessions all led by one of our nationally acredited trainers.  These training sessions will be packed with the most cutting-edge techniques available to melt fat, tone up, and see results fast.

  Imagine being supported by one of our transformation experts up to 6 days per week, all while being part of the most welcoming and motivating fitness community in LFK.    

 You'll have access to the most current scientific fat loss and nutrition information resources available to achieve jaw-dropping results. No more stumbling around, trying to Google what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat! You'll find everything you need inside the SPE6 portal.

 There will be weekly progress tracking and plan updates to assist  you in achieving your health and fitness goals.

There will be a grand prize of $500 available to the overall winner and many other cool prizes!

Listen up, Lawrence peeps! We are looking for 50 motivated, action-taking individuals that are ready to dive in and learn the system that produces repeatable fat loss results without requiring hours upon hours at the gym or sacrificing good food, all while achieving amazing results in a fun atmosphere.

This program will be taking place at The Underground Lab, the best personal training and transformation expert facility in Lawrence, Kansas. We call the UGL the home of the best trainers, as voted it was voted to have the best and best runner up trainers in all of Lawrence. It’s also the home of the most welcoming, friendly, supportive fitness community in town, hands down!

Warning! Given our intimate facility, we're only able to accommodate 50 highly motivated people.
(Given how popular this program is, it is likely that by the time you see this many spots will have been taking already.)
So, if you're ready to become Fitter, Stronger & Leaner in just 42 short days, we highly encourage you to click the

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P.S. This program is offered once a year and it usually sells out within days.
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The Challenge will begin on March 2nd. 
Initial weigh-inn will be on February 28th. 
There will be serveral times available to you.   

F- 5AM, 6AM, NOON, 5PM 


This system is jam-packed with everything necessary to make jaw-dropping results and everything that the Underground Lab is known for!  

Fat-Burning Workouts

Total body reboot with unlimited access to our widely popular and adrenaline-packed, fat-torching, anti-boring workouts where we lift, sculpt, get strong and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.
Nutrition Guidance 

Eat clean and get lean with our Instagramable food recipes that are so simple they practically make themselves! 

The plans are easy to follow, specific to your needs, and adapt as you progress through the program. No more guesswork, simply execute and watch fat melt! 
Accountability & Support

To keep you fully committed and engaged, you'll be assigned your own personal transformation coach. 

Your mentor will be with you throughout the process to make sure you stick with the program.


"I regreted signing for this program because I became fitter and healthier"
- said no one ever. 
Results are in the pudding...
Here are a few of the jaw-dropping results from last years SPE6 Transformation challenge!
Maria, the biggest loser from 2018 SPE6 Transformation challenge made a jaw dropping transformation by losing 33 pounds and losing 21.5 Inches. 
Maria Pope  
Kelly, dove into the challenge and never looked back! Losing 30lbs and 8 Inches around her mid section! 
Kelly Daigh 
Steven, made the top 5 for 2018 by losing 32 pounds and losing 18 inches.  "I feel amazing, leaner and lighter than ever" 
Steven Farve 
PS - We will do everything in our power to help you succeed. 

PSS - Our intention is to get you some amazing results and give you a great experience, so much so, that we hope you stay afterward. But you're not obligated to by any stretch (spoiler**most people stay because they love our program so much - you've been warned.

PSSS - Please forward this to any friends you think would love the opportunity to change their body and life!
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